2D? 3D? or Stop Motion?

2011-05-21 14:18:08 by Xennethy

For the past 2 years I have been lucky to experiment and learn different kinds of techniques and mediums for animation.
I usually don't get tied down by a certain technique and I am open to all kinds of mediums as long as it works with the animation.

So, just out of curiosity, which kind of animation do you guys prefer watching? And which kind of medium do you prefer animating on??


On a side note, I did a VFX short with Maya for class recently. I doubt anyone will really do this with Maya, but it's for class, so i just did it. I still new to 3D actually, comments?


And on another side note, If you happen to be interested in my stuffs, you can visit my new blog at
They Best Shine Next


I have a NEW BLOG!

2011-03-30 15:35:07 by Xennethy

Hey guys! Been a while since i post here on the frontpage.
I've set up a new blog, so feel free to take a look. BLOG
I'll be posting the stuffs I'm doing in school, new works, and any inspirational stuffs i come across, so please keep a look out.

2010 hasn't been a productive year for me, I'd only completed SHS4. And 2011 hasn't been too lucky for me as well.
My hard disk broke down a while ago causing me to lose a few projects' working files in the process. Now I'm trying to rework on some of them so hopefully you can see me submitting new stuffs on NG soon.

And besides that I'm extremely occupied with school work hence I will have lesser time on my personal stuffs. I'll probably be aiming to submit 1-2 old works and 1 new project for this year.


Superhero Slayers 4 is released, so watch it if you are free.


Thanks a lot to those who made positive comments and those who enjoyed watching. It is a really tough project which gave me so many problems, so I'm glad if any of you like it.
As for the future of the series, I'm afraid this episode will probably be the last animated one. It just takes too much time and effort to make a single episode and I'm not sure if i can afford it. But nevertheless, this does not spell the end of this series, it will probably go on by another format, possibly comic, motion comic, or even collab with other animators.

What's Next

My next project is originally a Halloween short, but I'm really late on this one. There's just 1-2 month left and i seriously doubt i can finish it with all my school stuffs coming along. Other than that i still have a couple of half done stuffs, which, i think will take sometime to finish as well.

Sci-Fi Novel and Support Cancer Society

Zellie Blake, who provides the voice of Storm in my SHS series has just released her Sci-Fi novel, "LIGHTNING SPLICED", after 10 years in the making.
She is very sick now, so I'm here to help her promote her book. Let us all hope that she get well soon.
It can be purchased through Lulu.com as a paperback ($20) or an eBook ($7.99).
All proceeds go towards the American Cancer Society. You can learn more on Zellie's blog.


Halloween Movie!!

2009-11-01 02:02:34 by Xennethy

Hey everyone.
A late Halloween post.
I've made a Halloween movie and please go watch it if you are free. :D
There's so many good submissions these couple of days so go watch all the Halloween movies.


Oh and it's amazing I'm clearing all my pending flash movies. A couple of posts ago i mentioned that i still have 4 movies in hand, and now I've submitted 2 of them and working on the third one.
Hopefully i can finish them fast.


H.E.L.L & SHS3 Recuts+ UPDATES!!

2009-07-29 20:45:07 by Xennethy

Recently i re-cut and re-uploaded 2 of my recent flash movies. The main purpose is actually to fix the problem of sound lagging which has been bothering this 2 flash movies.
The newer versions are only available in NG and are both marked with a v2 sign.
Here are the changes:

-Added a screen menu
-Added a scene selection
-Added a play/stop button
-New intro
-Fixed the sound lagging problems
-Fixed some subtitles mistakes
-Correction on some pacing and lines problems.

SHS: Reel 3
-Retitled as Reel 3 instead of the previous Reel 3 part 1
-Fixed the sound lagging problems
-Amended pacing of scene 1

Feel free to let me know if there's any other bugs or mistakes.


Currently I'm working on a new episode of Superhero Slayers. It's like 45% done.
Originally there were 2 parts to Reel 3, but i scraped that idea and the new reel will be titled as Reel 4 instead of Reel 3 part 2.

Some screenies to share:

H.E.L.L & SHS3 Recuts+ UPDATES!!

H.E.L.L! And Upcoming Projects,

2009-05-07 10:46:14 by Xennethy

Hey everyone, pretty rare for me to make a frontpage post. :)
Anyway new movie out and please go and watch it if you are free. haha.


Thanks for the reviews, i really enjoyed reading them. Many people suggested a sequel, and i do have something planned for a follow up. But normally sequels are bad... hardly matches up to the original piece. So I'll still be thinking whether to work on it or not.

Nevertheless, there will still be some works coming up by me (if i can finish them), so stay tune!!

Project List for 2009
- Superhero Slayers 3 part 2
- Halloween Movie
- Music Video
- Star Wars: Revelations

And yes, its arranged according to priority,

H.E.L.L!  And Upcoming Projects,

Everyone goes about posting their updates so i'm gonna post something up too. :P

Superhero Slayers 3 is the new flash animation I'm working on now. There will be plenty of familiar Superheroes going against mighty enemies. There will be tonnes of actions i guaranteed.
I just set up a production blog for SHS, so if anyone is interested, you can just visit Blog.

Ooh, and if you want to check out the previous installments, SHS2

Alrighty, the second part of the post will be about the auditions for SHS3. We are still looking for VAs, so if you are interested in voicing in this flash, just try the auditions. We are still searching voices for Lex Luthor, Hank Pym, Cyclops and Tony Stark. So if you think you can play them, please try out now! Audition

And last but not least, this post will not be completed without any pictures. :P
A little spoiler for SHS3. This is a screenshot in the last scene of the movie.
Woot, Logan is having a hard time!

SHS 3 Updates // Looking for Voice Actors

SHS 2 Released!!

2008-06-26 16:59:56 by Xennethy

Hey guys, so SHS reel 2 is released.
This movie will be a build up to the battles coming along between the Superheroes and their deadly enemies.
Watch your favorite heroes such as Superman, Fantastic 4, X men and Batman facing their toughest battle ever!


I'll be back for more updates soon. :D

SHS 2 Released!!

Happy Holidays and Projects Update '08

2007-12-28 06:07:35 by Xennethy

Hey guys Happy holidays!
I also made a quick flash in 2 days. Its pretty random, hope you guys like it!

I will still be working on flash movies next year, but i probably won't spent so much time due to some busy working stuffs.
There are currently 3 movies i'm working on now. Stratosphere, SW: Revelations, and another unnamed movie.
Stratosphere is more than half done now, so i should be able to release it around January. Stratosphere is actually a music video, the song is made by the talented Krykos. Hope you guys can enjoy the song and the animations.
Revelations is still in the process of storyboarding although i have already animated the first few scenes. Once i get the story out, i will start animating the rest but i guess you guys wont see it probably till the 2nd half of the year.
As for the third movie, i won't reveal much yet because im still working on the story.

If i really have the time, i might just start my own series. I always wanted to have my own original story, but i just lack of the time and idea to do it... lol...

Thanks guys and Happy New Year!

Happy Holidays and Projects Update '08

Star Wars Movies Again!

2007-10-05 10:15:50 by Xennethy

I just made a trailer for both the Star Wars Movies I'm currently working on.
SW: Extravaganza

The 2 Movies are:
-Clash Of The Sith
-SW: Revelations

Both Movies are delayed once again due to busy schedule of Mine and the VAs. But i'm sure that i will be releasing COTS by this year, probably somewhere in November, and Revelations will be done by early Next year.

COTS is a parody of a deleted scene in the Knights of the Old Republic 2 game. Basically i just redo the lines and actions. But the story largely remains as the same, having the 2 Sith lords battling each other.

As for Revelations, it is a brand new story set in the era after Episode 3. It is about the Jedi escaping from the Empire's Hunt, and it will features some of the existing Jedi from the original Universe, as well as some characters created by me.

For more information and artworks, you can visit my deviantArt.

Star Wars Movies Again!