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2D? 3D? or Stop Motion?

2011-05-21 14:18:08 by Xennethy

For the past 2 years I have been lucky to experiment and learn different kinds of techniques and mediums for animation.
I usually don't get tied down by a certain technique and I am open to all kinds of mediums as long as it works with the animation.

So, just out of curiosity, which kind of animation do you guys prefer watching? And which kind of medium do you prefer animating on??


On a side note, I did a VFX short with Maya for class recently. I doubt anyone will really do this with Maya, but it's for class, so i just did it. I still new to 3D actually, comments?


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2011-05-21 14:19:29

2d, then claymation, then 3d. 3D is horrible.

Xennethy responds:

Yeah I also enjoy working on clay when I'm working on stop motion. It's easier to animate then other materials.
And i think 3D is just more technical.


2011-05-21 14:59:48

Lol, that sphere movie was kinda fun. I liked the particle effect (of course). It was probably a good exercise to figure out the animation controls. :)

As for your Q, I think 3D is the most fun to animate, but that's just a preference. I really like the sculptural aspect of it and the complete freedom to change things at any time. I like to tweak things as I go along so it feels really free to me.

A lot of people here seem to have a prejudice against it (see above comment lol), but I think that's just because there's so much of it being done in movies these days. There's a lot of really interesting things you can do with it that haven't been explored, especially with non-photorealistic rendering and the like.

I like the look of 2D, but I really don't like doing it. It's incredibly time consuming, and it feels frustrating to me to keep drawing the same thing over and over. I've gotten some nice results with it, but it took me way longer than any 3D stuff has, even considering the prep time. I don't think it's a dead art form, by any means, but I can understand why people turn away from it in cinema because it's much more expensive to produce considering the manpower needed.

I haven't tried stop-motion and I don't know if I ever will (I don't think I'd have the patience for it), but, again, I do like the look of it. It's perfect for a surrealist atmosphere since the movements aren't quite perfect. There was a stop-motion movie of Peter and the Wolf I saw a little while ago that was absolutely amazing.

Xennethy responds:

I'm thinking quite similar actually.
I start to work more on 3D nowadays, its just more convenient. And for 2D I've already completely given up animating on paper and went digital instead.
It's too much work and consumes too much time.
The only thing i dislike about 3D is that most of the stuff looks too stiff and plastic. Rio is one of the few movies that really feels more 2D.

Anyway, the traditional techniques are still very important. And i always think the best 3D animators are the ones that have a really good 2D foundations.

Oh and Stop motion is really fun. Maybe you don't have to really work on a project or what. Just mess with the materials and shoot some fun sequences.


2011-05-21 15:20:44

I prefer watching 2D, then 3D, then stop motion.

Stop motion is generally much more choppy, and the only appeal to watching a stop motion animation is thinking about how much time and effort went into it. (Not to mention how limiting photographing is as compared to drawing and designing.) Case in point: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qBjLW5 _dGAM

Xennethy responds:

There are alot of Stop motion shorts that are really beautifully made and visually breath taking.
Generally I think they are more suitable for visual explorations rather than really for narrative.

You can probably check out artists like Norman Mclaren, Aleksandr Petrov and Ishu Patel etc..


2011-05-21 18:47:11

i agree with elfman...
the level steps should feel like a roller coaster, going up then down in successive flow.

good 3D btw!



2011-05-21 19:29:07

I think the main thing that makes 3D stiff is that people are afraid of exaggerating or pushing something to where it needs to be. Sometimes this is caused by bad rigging, but it's mostly the same things that make a drawing stiff. Seems like lots of life drawing if the only cure for that.

I actually found animating on paper a lot more fun than the computer, lol. I hate 2D animating on the computer because the drawing tools are always so clunky, especially in flash. On paper it's hard to get any sense of timing though, and it's a pain in the ass to have to scan it all in. :/

Xennethy responds:

Oh I can never animate well with paper. Like you said, it's tough to get the timing correctly and you need to plan ahead for most things. Well working digitally you can always scroll through your timeline to check your sequence and add anything inbetween easily.
But it's nice to know you are enjoying animating!


2011-05-21 20:35:29

I'm able to appreciate almost all types of animations when done right. Robot Chicken shows stop motion is absolutely great. Shows like superjail shows the flexibility and varied styles that 2D animation can have. And countless video games/ and 3D animated shows/movies can tell you, the 3rd dimension in art can also be beautiful.
As for what I on my own truly prefer, usually it depends on the situation. I feel comedy should be left more for 2D and Stop motion, Action should be more for 2D and 3D. Anything dramatic to me has always looked better in 2D. Wow, i guess 2D reigns in more categories IMO.

Whatever feels right should be what decides. Or hell, maybe you can go and mix 2 or all 3! That sounds interesting.

Xennethy responds:

Ya in fact right now mix media is probably the most popular thing. Artists don't really restrict themselves in one particular medium anymore. They just mix different mediums and composite them together.


2011-05-21 20:41:38

I like watching 2d, then 3d, then stop motion. I think 2d can carry emotions better than 3d right now.. and stop motion is sort of old-fashioned, as you could do most stop motion things in 3d.

Xennethy responds:

Yeah that's what people are thinking about stop motion nowadays!
Looks like everything is gonna be doable on 3D soon.


2012-09-22 12:26:41

Welcome back and Happy Madness day!! Here's to hoping your MD2012 submission is just the start of a triumphant return to NG!

Xennethy responds:

Thanks!! I'm beginning to work on new projects, hopefully more will come. :D


2012-10-26 18:20:05

Are you going to make another part of The Madness Team? BBeacuse it looks so unfinished according to the prisoner that still hasn't ben saved and the main enemy with a monstreus beast that just showns up on the building at the end.

Xennethy responds:

Maybe next year's madness day? I'm not entirely sure.
If I have the time I'll probably consider it.